Mistborn Novella/Short Stories – Brandon Sanderson

Once I binged the Mistborn series, I was then able to read the novella and short stories associated with the series. I was told by my friend Jess (@wildbookbabe) not to read Mistborn: Secret History until I was done because it had MAJOR spoilers for the original trilogy and some for Era 2. BOY WAS SHE RIGHT! I literally cannot say anything about Secret History because… well.. it’s a secret! But what I will say is that the REWARD for finishing the series as a whole and then reading it IS WORTH IT! It also broke me in the BEST way!! *cries*

Arcanum Unbounded.jpgThe short stories (and Secret History but you can buy SH as it’s own book) are located in Arcanum Unbounded which is the novellas and short stories within the Cosmere. The first being the Eleventh Metal, which gives us a little backstory on Kelsier and what he was like while training. I do recommend reading the original trilogy first before this story.

The last short story is Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania. This story is HILARIOUS. It’s told by him and edited with footnotes by his Terrisman steward. Jak is an adventurer and has sent in these stories for people in the Alloy of Law era to read in their newspaper as almost like an on-going weekly drama. We find out some CRUCIAL information on some of the magic system so it’s definitely worth reading when you finish era 2!

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Mistborn Era 2 – Brandon Sanderson

I sat and stared at the ceiling after the ending of the Hero of Ages. That was one of the most shocking endings of all time. It took me a while to get used to the idea of another set of allomancers, let alone in what I felt was a Western setting. I thought, “there’s no way in freaking hell I will like this… I will miss the original trilogy so much.” While that statement is true, me not liking it was totally false. Era 2 was SO MUCH FUN! It was completely different from what I was expecting. They were much shorter but still had the ability to capture me, surprise me, shock me… I really enjoyed this era and I cannot wait for the Lost Metal!

This review will be somewhat different because I am reviewing the series as a whole. I don’t want to post anything spoilery because, well, that’s what the Mistborn Wiki is for! I held back and didn’t look at anything for Era 2 because I had a super amazing support group while I read this series so my questions were asked more or less as I went along. When I finished this series, I did go and check out some stuff I forgot as I read it.

I also want my friends to be able to read this review and not feel spoiled.


The Alloy of Law Cover.jpgThe Alloy of Law is the first book set 300 years in the futu re from the Hero of Ages. We are introduced to a Twinborn, Wax, an allomancer and a feruchemist who can utilize these powers separately, and together. Wax was a lawman out in the roughs and has come back to what is now called Elendel to rebuild his house name with a marriage/alliance. We are introduced to his friend from the rough, Wayne. He is also Twinborn and is the best comic relief in history. He is funny, impulsive, slightly dim, while Wax is very calculated, smart, and loves to follow the law.

In this book we follow these new characters as a rebel group begins kidnapping women for an unknown purpose and Wax and Wayne and their new squad begin to investigate these mysterious happenings. This book is packed full of action and an entirely new idea built on top of the old magic system! It did take me a little bit to get into, but once the new world building and character building started to flow, I couldn’t put it down!

Shadows of Self US Hardcover.jpg

Shadows of Self, just like the Well of Ascension, did not fall trap to the second book syndrome. I was totally in love with the story from the start. Once again we find our heroes Wax and Wayne, as well as the new squad dealing with an unsteady and corrupt government. As they try to figure out now to navigate the political structure that is still controlled by noblemen oppressing the poor and the unemployed, Wax must find a way to protect important government officials before the city of Elendel erupts in choas.

This book seriously surprised me. We find some old friends in this novel, and that made me scream with joy (I can’t wait for you to figure out who it is!). The action was there as well as the story line. I never felt bored or disappointed. This was a solid second book in this series!

Bands of Mourning US Hardcover.jpg

The Bands of Morning was probably my favorite of the three mainly because there was so many callbacks to the original trilogy. The way that Brandon Sanderson is able to tie in the old books without it feeling fake or forced is beyond me.

In this book Wax and Wayne must explore the meaning of the mysterious Bands of Mourning before whatever it is falls into the wrong hands. Wax, being his amazing law abiding and just self, cannot keep himself from righting wrongs. We are introduced to even more building upon the magic system, so it’s important to read the series from start to finish, from the original trilogy onward. As with the previous books, the action was there, the banter was there, I loved it all!

I don’t want to say to much about this series because I don’t want to be spoilery, so a lot of the facts I got from what is available in the synopsis! Like the Final Empire, the Alloy of Law can be read almost as a standalone. I really enjoyed this series and I am looking forward to the next novel, the Lost Metal in 2020/2021!


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Mistborn Era 1 – Brandon Sanderson


I finally feel “okay” enough to write my review on this trilogy. Mistborn took my heart, shattered into a million pieces, and then glued the pieces back together. The pieces don’t all fit where they should, but it’s an experience I will remember forever. I love that feeling. I love the feeling of reading a book for the first time and being blown away. That’s what Mistborn Era 1 was for me. Those characters will live on forever within me.

This review will be somewhat different because I am reviewing the series as a whole. I don’t want to post anything spoilery because, well, that’s what the Mistborn Wiki is for! I held back and didn’t look at anything for Era 1 because I had a super amazing support group while I read this series so my questions were asked more or less as I went along. When I finished the trilogy, I did go and check out some stuff I forgot as I read it.

I also want my friends to be able to read this review and not feel spoiled at all.

Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set

The Final Empire took me almost 2 months to read. The world building is rich as well as the complexity of the characters. Like most epic tales, there are a lot of characters with a lot of side stories but Sanderson was able to weave these stories together in a cohesive way. The chapters are long. I would feel drained after two or three, which isn’t a bad thing –  I usually speed read and I wasn’t able to at all with this series. Each word felt important!

This book explores the relationship between the skaa (working class) and the nobleman (wealthy) and their 1000 year oppression under The Lord Ruler. The magic system is so unique, utilizing metals to fuel their power (allomancy). When a group of skaa plan to overthrow the Lord Ruler, we see an incredible and impossible heist in the works. This book to me can serve almost as a standalone, but definitely leaves questions for a second.

The Well of Ascension took me a month to read. This book explores the aftermath of what happens in The Final Empire. The world building is almost a side storyline and the main story is about the characters and the relationships with each other after the ending of the first novel. I loved getting different perspectives from side characters, as well as digging deeper into the main crew. I really enjoyed the twists and turns this book provided, by the end, making you question so much of what you read (in a good way!)

This book did not fall into the trap of “second book syndrome.” Although some characters were gone, I felt so much of their presence, which also was utilized as a plot point for the story (remembering the characters that were gone). I loved this book equally, felt those raw emotions just as powerfully as I did in the first. The story is unique to itself and it sets up beautifully for the third book.

The Hero of Ages broke me. I read it in about two weeks because I couldn’t stop (except when life made me). These books are huge and I wish they were bigger! I remember sitting up with my SOS MISTBORN support group at midnight just screaming, OH MY GOSH WHAT IS HAPPENING??!! And all of them just laughing, crying, and mostly enjoying how much I loved this series and how much of it shocked me. There were so many things that I had guessed wrong, a few that I had guessed right… the ending of this book was so powerful that I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks.

This book was an incredibly different book from the first two. The chapters are shorter which for me was great, some characters developed in ways where they did a total 180 (but it felt natural) which presented a totally different feel, and overall, lived up to the genre of epic fantasy. I felt totally satisfied with the ending (even though it hurt), I think Brandon Sanderson did an incredible job with wrapping up this series! I have never read a book that gave me so many feelings before!

My friend Jess (IG: @wildbookbabe), as well as the rest of my SOS MISTBORN crew, were totally right. This series is the best. Brandon Sanderson is a genius. The way that he took one idea and expanded it into this incredible world is beyond my comprehension. I am already dying to reread the series again! Well, after I read Era 2 that is!


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Mistborn Updates

I finished Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson in December and then took a month break because the writing is so rich. The world building is so heavy and the emotional toll on my body was hangover worthy! I started The Well of Ascension in February and finished it last night. You guys – that book broke me in such a epic way. I was literally so shocked at some of the revelations that I had to continue straight into Hero of Ages! I thought I would take another break but I can’t. Mistborn is all I can think about. I am going to order the UK copies, I also got a Mistborn sign from Bookish Signs and More through Etsy that I will be showcasing soon!

I will do an official series review when I get done with the Hero of Ages! You can see a micro review on my Goodreads. This epic adult fantasy was more than I could have ever imagined. If you are looking for something fresh, a new world to dive into, some new characters to love and to possibly mourn, pick up this series. You won’t regret it! I’m sure I’ll dive right into Era 2!

~ Rachael
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